Do you ever question the nature of your reality?

I know … I borrowed the line from Westworld which I absolutely adore and it makes a lot of sense (or not).

I had put a lot of thoughts into that question and I am at this stage where I question my entire life.

So today I just sat for a few moments and watched the clouds passing. It felt really calming and for a few seconds my mind was completely empty. The noise in my head had paused just enough, enough for me to cherish a minute of silence.

We grow up mostly thinking that we need stuff to be happy. A picture of a so called happy life it’s portrayed into our minds. We need to do that and that and that… and we end up believing that we can choose, but can we?

Kindergarten, school, high-school, college, work, marriage, having children, die?

Is this our regular loop? Of course between each step we do fun things and we enjoy our hobbies or maybe we even skip a step. My point is… what are our choices? It is mostly about survival what we learn since we are young: good grades -> good college -> good job -> good payments -> afford life. When life becomes affordable? When you have an x amount of stuff or have a certain number in your account? How our health is taken into consideration here? Because I have seen how people tend to neglect it and only care for it when symptoms are starting to appear. If we lose our health can we still live an affordable life if we have enough money?

Does it really matter the latest trends in clothes? Or maybe that new makeup line which you’ve seen in the store? How about those expensive jewelry that are so nicely placed in the shelf?

When we want to go and buy, for example, shampoo, detergents, food, etc how do we make our choices? What principles guide us? There are only a few big corporations and we have the illusion that there are a lot of brands from where we can choose when in fact it might be the same mother company for most of the products. I am not referring here to the small or local businesses. It’s just a general saying because of what’s being promoted the most.

Why have we stopped caring for what to put inside our body? Why do we focus so much on the appearance? When did we became so shallow?

Why do we do what we do and how can we change our behavior? How can we reach a higher level of understanding our nature, our desires, our needs? Were we born this way or have we became like this, being shaped by time? And most important… do we want and embrace change?

So do you question the nature of your reality?

“There is a fundamental question we all have to face. How are we to live our lives; by what principles and moral values will we be guided and inspired?”- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Love, D.

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