The mask

I am talking about the one that we use to cover our true self because we are afraid, afraid to reveal our feelings and thoughts.

We are raised to believe that we should behave and act a certain way. A way that is considered the “right one”. A way in which you blend with the crowd. A way where you are not you anymore. The result is devastating. A illusion is created, a “perfect” illusion meant to hide the reality behind it.

A world crashed by fear, the fear of being yourself. Dreams teared down and locked in the corner of your mind. Dreams that are headed to an unknown destination, drifting from its course. How will they ever find their way back if the path is blocked? Dig, just dig faster, dig to find yourself – the one who is buried underneath. Break the surface and dive deep. Swim to the long forgotten corner.

The process starts since we are born. Girls should like pink and barbie dolls. They are marketed to play with a baby toy, teaching them from a very young age to take care of the family and the house. Fashion – clothing, jewelry, makeup – is also another characteristic addressed to them. Future women to be, the creatures of beauty, must be feminine, subtle and elegant. They have to rely on the power of a man whom is strong enough to support the chosen lifestyle. Boys, on the other hand, ought to like blue, sports, guns, little army figure toys, cars etc. They have to take care of the woman, to provide shelter and to be invincible.

Why perception has been distorted so much? Why so many judgmental words towards someone who is different, someone who chooses to express his/her true self? Why can’t we accept that some people do not fit in the pattern? Why hate them? Why not understand that each one is unique? Why the lack of support?

Our identity is being stolen from us by a thief we cannot prosecute. How long until the house of lies collapses? How much can we still wait to live life the way we want? How much?

Take down the mask and reveal your face. Show the world who you truly are. Start living your own life.

“To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on.” – Dave Pelzer

Love, D.

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