Chasing emptiness

Basically chasing illusions. That is what we do most days. We look up for the newest gadgets on the market or any other trends that are being followed. If we can then we do has become our motto.

Our attention has been distracted so much from the important aspects of life. We let the little things that matter slip away without any thoughts because our mind is focused on being fed but remaining hungry. It doesn’t matter how much you feed it if you feed it wrong. Same thing goes with your body.

Why is it that we’ve end up to care so much in owning certain objects that are crowding our mind and space? We built an entire empire yet we are still empty, just like a bottle. Because every time you look in the wrong direction you take away a piece of you. Little by little until you’ve emptied all the bottles, until there’s nothing left to give.

Our sight is fading away. Our hearing is almost gone. Our taste is indistinct. Our smell is suffocating. Our touch is merely lost. We’ve imprisoned ourselves in a shallow world, caught in a spiders’ web. Fighting to survive, fighting to live another day. But how we fight will predict how we’re going to live.

Having an empty life and surrounded by soulless shadows is an imprisonment. We gladly accept the handcuffs thinking they are bracelets. Being slaves to objects and worshiping them like gods is the sentence. A kind of sentence that you can’t appeal to a higher court.

The only remaining question is if we want to break free? To escape the superficial world? And if yes then how? How to put up a successful plan that can guarantee the evacuation?

I believe that the plan doesn’t need to be successful. Instead the plan needs to exist first. Then you can work around it, make it better as it goes.

In the end we ought to do more things for the mind and soul. We should let them be free to wander; let them run to chase profoundness.

“Illusion is needed to disguise the emptiness within.” – Arthur Erickson

Love, D.

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