After 11 years we’ve met again

She was my childhood friend. We went to the same kindergarten and then we ended up in the same class at school.

In the summer of 2006 she left the country. She moved to Spain and we haven’t seen each other since. There was an attempt in 2008 when she came back to visit for a few days but at the time I was in a trip and we didn’t synchronize.

We talked the first few years and then we slowly lost contact. Yesterday she wrote to me on Facebook. I was very surprised and responded back. Turned out she was back in the city for a few days and she wanted to know if I am available to meet with her. Of course I said yes and I was thrilled by the idea of reconnecting after so many years. This was a moment we’ve always wished at some point to carry it out.

After we agreed on the hour we met today in front of our old school; the school where we grew up. She looked the same yet changed and so was I. We hugged tightly and started talking about our present life. Then we went to a nearby restaurant where we sat and talked about different topics, including the memories we share.

I can’t say that we were extremely close, but we were close to a certain degree. She reminded me of childhood, innocence and hope. She was a different breeze, a different scent. When I first saw her, I saw myself, I saw two little girls playing in the field. All those long forgotten memories came to the surface.

We talked for a few good hours and at the end her mother came because they were supposed to go somewhere else. She recognized me and we exchanged a few words. I was glad I saw her too this night.

I am happy we finally kept our word of meeting again, sometime in the future. We don’t know if and when we will meet again. And that’s OK. It could take another 11 years, maybe less, maybe more, maybe never. We don’t know this yet but if we will ever have the opportunity we will certainly do it again.

Now I cannot stop to wonder how did time passed so fast? When did 11 years slip away? It felt like yesterday, only yesterday was 11 years ago.

If you have the chance to reconnect with a lost friend do it. You never know if that chance might come up again. Be a child once more.

“Finding a lost friend is like finding a lost treasure” – Anthony Douglas Williams

Love, D.

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