Pros and cons of business trips

This week I haven’t posted anything because I was away in Germany for two business trips, one in Regensburg and the other one in Ingolstadt. I went there with a colleague from my team.

At first when I heard about business trips I got a bit fascinated by the illusion that those words gave me. I immediately started to feel somehow important and got excited for what’s about to come.

After spending one week there I have made some opinions that I wanted to share with all of you and also I would enjoy to know your own experience and how you feel about going in business trips.


  • I had to step out of my comfort zone in order to travel for business purposes;
  • It was for the first time I was away from my family in a foreign country which helped built my independence and also having to accommodate sleeping alone in a hotel room;
  • I interacted and met a lot of people that work there;
  • I understood more what my position requires;
  • I assisted to various meetings that took place in English;
  • I could only speak in English and it helped with my confidence;
  • I managed to see some views in Regensburg the night we arrived;
  • We took the train to Ingolstadt and I saw some views through the window as well.


  • Being away from my family and my boyfriend for the first time was pretty hard to digest. I felt alone and bored every night in the hotel room;
  • I managed to get a cold so during my stay I had fever, sneezed and coughed a lot. Thankfully I took my meds with me in case this with happen and somehow they helped. Therefore I was feeling very ill each day;
  • Even though the flight to Munchen was short and the road to Regensburg took only one hour and a half it was still pretty tiring for me;
  • I have a pretty strict diet when it comes to food and being away was a bit difficult to eat properly;
  • The weather was cold and every morning was very foggy. Also when the working hours would end the sky would be pretty dark so no visits in the city were made. Besides the night when we arrived where I saw the centre of Regensburg, I haven’t been able to visit anything else on the rest of the days;
  • A part of me felt that all those meetings could have been done easily thorough the phone and by sharing the screen and the necessary documents. Some people couldn’t make it to the meetings and we had to do it over the phone there and two people couldn’t make it at all;

Being in this position means business trips also in Toulouse (France), Yokohama (Japan), Shanghai (China), Troy (U.S). I am not quite sure if it is worth for me to continue at this point because I believe that all the meetings will take place in a very similar way to the ones in Germany.

In the end I can state that this two trips helped to discover myself more and made me realize that I do not identify in this kind of job. However I am still open to the idea of business trips but done completely in a different environment, for example: trainings, conferences, workshops, etc. and in the field I want to advance.

This was my experience and my personal views on the business trips matter. Yours can be totally different and that is perfectly fine. Everyone feels different and I believe there is no right or wrong here.

Regensburg 2.jpg
Ingolstadt 2.jpg

“No one travelling on a business trip would be missed if he failed to arrive.” – Thorstein Veblen

Love, D.

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