The good side of minimalism

Long time ago I wrote a post about “The dark side of minimalism” and ever since I wanted to write about the good part of it. Today I got inspired to touch this subject again and I am going to point out the most important aspects that have improved in my life.

  1. My shopping obsession stopped:
    • Clothes. Back in the old times I used to go to the mall and search for clothes that I didn’t even need. I would always enjoy the search for a new item that might look good in my wardrobe without putting too many thoughts in the process. In the end I would accumulate so much stuff that would eventually cause me anxiety every time I had to pick up something. Getting dressed was a constant struggle in the morning because most times I felt that I did’t have anything good to wear. The reason I felt that way was because I didn’t pay enough attention to what I really needed in my wardrobe. I was buying out of an impulse without focusing on the items that were a necessity. Today I am purchasing clothes that I know they will be used and that they will serve a purpose. I have simplified my style and in the morning I don’t spend too much time thinking what to wear.
    • Decorations & Souvenirs & Books. I would always end up purchasing all kinds of decorations in the stores for all sorts of events and whenever I would go in a trip I would come back home with a bag full of useless souvenirs. Because my room is very small I was never able to display all of my belongings. Therefore I was keeping them in boxes (minimum 10)  and I was dreaming that someday I would show them in my future home. After I decided that it was too much, I have donated and sold 90% of what I had. Now, I will not be buying souvenirs and decorations unless it is something I really want and if they will not clutter my home. Also I want to mention that I never had tons of books but I bought lots of them and didn’t read most of my purchases. I acknowledged this fact and proceeded with sorting them too.
    • Jewelry. The story with buying jewelry is very similar to the clothes one. I can say that is was a hard category to declutter as I made, for a small period of time handmade jewelry. I sold and donated a lot of them and only kept the most valuable pieces. I am still buying jewelry but now I invest in good quality and unique pieces. Defining your style will help you choose easier what works the best for your outfits.
  2. Being able to let go of memories and finally moving on:
    • Toys, photos, presents, birthday cards etc. I spent a lot of time in this area thinking and over-thinking on what decision to make next. In the end I realized I was attached to the memory behind that object and I was afraid of losing it if I no longer had the corresponding item. It took a lot of time but I managed to let go of anything that was a reminder of something bad. I donated anything I didn’t use to the ones that were needing it the most. This final step was the most difficult and the most satisfying. What matters the most in life are the people, not the objects. Cherish them, love them. Therefore I only kept a small amount of objects that were very unique to my heart. The goal is not to throw everything, but to keep what is truly important. Don’t feel guilty to take out a present from a loved one if it has no purpose in your life. Don’t keep photos or any other things that are a reminder of a bad memory. Slowly take out every piece and this way you will eliminate the excess that has been clouding your mind.

I chose to express my thoughts in regards to this two categories as they made a very big impact that affected other parts of my life. One aspects refers to the outside of my life and the other one to the inside of my life. Taking out stuff that I wasn’t using made me realize how I wasted money when I could have spent it in a more useful way => I have become more cautious when investing in something. I no longer have to waste a lot of time thinking what to wear => Fewer decisions, less clothes to wash, defined style, more confident in what I wear, less storage needed. Keeping the ornaments & souvenirs & books that I like => Less time to clean, clutter free space, focusing on the most important pieces. Removing sentimental items => Letting go of bad emotions, focusing on the present, appreciating people.

Today I live a more peaceful life with fewer objects that have a meaning and give me joy whenever I see them. My focused has increased on trying out new experiences and on living an intentional life. Eating healthy is now an aspect I take into consideration and I am more careful to the choices I make and what I put into my body. Things don’t stress me anymore and I feel free as I am no longer attached to soulless pieces. I am in the journey of discovering myself and minimalism definitely helped me. Without it I would have still been a prisoner in an illusion.

As a conclusion, I believe the good side wins over the bad side. There are traps anywhere in life but if you keep your mind focused on what matters the most you will not fall. Trust yourself and don’t let anyone dictate how your life should be. Listen to what others are saying and make your own conclusions. Learn, as long as you live, learn from everything. Don’t ever stop learning and improving your self as a human being. Today I am standing by my beliefs and I am not hiding anymore.

“To attain inner peace you must actually give your life, not just your possessions. When you at last give your life – bringing into alignment your beliefs and the way you live, and only then, can you begin to find peace.” – Peace Pilgrim

Love, D.

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