I caught in my                             hand seven rays,

the first, the beginning –  a root called Muladhara,

the second, a divine sacredness called  Svadhishthana,

the third, a map towards discovery called  Manipura,

the forth, the center – a gentle heart called Anahata,

the fifth, a strong and true voice called Vishuddha,

the sixth, a wise and spiritual eye called Ajna, 

 the seventh, a crown called Sahasrara,

I had them all, the seven rays,

I had a rainbow,

in my hand,



“The heart is not only the location of the 4th chakra, located at the centre of your chakra system, but also the centre of your conscious universe and is able to create and define life in its true essence.” ― Steven Redhead, Unleash The Power of Your Heart and Mind

Love, D.

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