Lucid dreams

I’ve had them since I was young. At first, when I experienced one, it caught my attention but it didn’t captivate me. Even when I grew older I didn’t pay that much attention to this kind of dreams or to dreams at all. Surely, it was nice when it happened but that was it.

In those few moments, when I realize that I am in a dream, I feel free to do anything and sometimes I even tried some weird things; one example would be that dream when I jumped off from my balcony to see what would I feel when I would fall down.

Years later I had a different kind of a lucid dream, one that I wrote about in “Can dreams become realities?“. That dream really awoke something inside me. I began questioning everything, even my own reality.

Short after, I decided to study them. I want to know everything that is possible to know. Therefore I read some articles and when the night came and it was time to go to sleep I focused on my goal. I tried to be relaxed for as much as possible and I channeled my thoughts to have a lucid dream.

It didn’t work like I hoped it would. I expected fast results but I learnt to have patience. Maybe for some it happens overnight and maybe for others it requires more nights. I was in the second category. Glad I didn’t end up on the third one where it would not happen at all.

So, I am going to tell you my dream. I was on a boat or a ship where I realized that my surroundings were not real. Somehow I maintained my calm and entered a room where I touched everything to feel sensations (a desk, a leaf etc). I was amazed that it felt so real and yet it was not.

Staying conscious for a long time in a lucid dream is hard, really hard. Therefore I tried an interesting trick that I read about. I would go in a circle once in a while and when the sky would be getting darker I would perform another circle. This method kept me for a long time there.

Going deeper into the story, I ended up in my grandmother’s room. I walked gently and I observed and touched almost every object. Then I went to my room and did the same thing. Towards the end of the first dream I looked through my window and I was petrified. It was my view, the one I see everyday and it seemed perfect. Afterwards I rushed to get out and lost it and just woke up.

When I fell asleep again I had the second lucid dream. This time I was in the living room and, as before, I slowly moved through the room and examined closely the surroundings. My grandmother was sitting on the couch and I went near her to smell her shirt. Even that was captured incredibly and I recognized it. Then I went to the bathroom where I peed and washed my hands with warm water. Soon after, the alarm rang and I had to wake up to go to work.

Every sensation that I felt was incredible real. I was there and I was conscious of it all. How can it not be? If our sensations can trick us in a dream why wouldn’t it be possible to do so in the supposedly real life?

I am aware of the differences between this two worlds and I will not end up confusing them. My questions have increased their intensity but I will have learn to live with them and to accept that no one can provide a certainty, an explanation for everything.

My exploring sessions will continue if I will have the chance to experience them again and I will write more on this subject in the near future.

Would really love to know your experiences with dreams, especially the lucid ones. Please share with me anything that you consider relevant regarding this topic.

“The lucid dream, located as it is at a crossroads between worlds and states of consciousness, places the magician in a unique position to influence the delicate balance of consciousness and the interplay it has on matter in the waking state, and is thus an opportunity to test one’s ability in the art of adjusting the mutable fabric of Maya.” ― Zeena Schreck

Love, D.

P.S. This is not about astral projections or any kind of out-of-body experience.

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