The truth about Romania

I was born in Romania, an East European country, in 1993 so I didn’t experience the communism period, nor the moment it fall in December 1989. From what I have read and what my grandparents and parents told me it was a horrible time to be in this country during communism. Therefore, I feel pretty bad sometimes that I am complaining about living here at this moment when things could have been a lot worse for me in other countries or in other eras.

I am constantly struggling to be grateful and to be better at the same time. My appreciation for this country is very limited. Indeed, we have wonderful landscapes; we have mountains and we have The Black Sea. Romania was blessed with beauty but it lacks wisdom. I love my family, my boyfriend and my friends. I have met them all here so this is my sacred land and it will always be. Sadly, all these good things and memories cannot make up for the flaws that exist.

The corruption is everywhere and people are paid very low wages. Some doctors, maybe most of them, take bribes. You could go to a hospital and die because of insufficient personnel or lack of supplies. You could contact other diseases while you are cured for the one you came in. This is a real situation here and the health system is very poor. People who earn more money choose to go to private doctors for safety reasons.

The school system if failing. It mainly focuses on grades and it is very superficial. Becoming a teacher in many schools is accomplished through nepotism. Also there aren’t a lot of options provided for children. They have limited “good” high-schools from which they can choose where to go. The same goes with universities. We have plenty of them but just a few are worthy for an individual. 

I graduated from law school yet I chose not to pursue this career. The judicial system is flawed in many ways and I decided I no longer want to be a part of it. When I was in court and I assisted some hearings I was devastated. The reason for my devastation was due to the behavior of the judges and the lawyers in court. I didn’t go there expecting movies scenarios so I had no high expectations yet I still left disappointed.

Since my forth year in college and until now I am at my third job at another corporation. I still don’t enjoy what I do and I didn’t enjoy my previous jobs as well. Most times I feel lost and hopeless. I don’t know what to do and I have very limited options. The wages are extremely low and it is hard to survive. My soul is screaming for peace but peace is not easy to find.

I want to leave and to stay at the same time. I want to be happy and to do something good. I want many things that many Romanians want as well. Most of us feel lost and we imprison ourselves due to the lack of answers. We have many talented people that aren’t appreciated enough. We could do so much more as a country. Life is very hard here. Surviving is incredible difficult because affording life has become a privilege.

“Romania will not be able to evolve if it continues to take cruel decisions against sensitive creatures, which are under the protection of European law.”  – Brigitte Bardot

Love, D.

Dragă România, sper că într-o bună zi te vei schimba și că mă voi uita la tine cu speranță, așa cum mă uitam cândva și nu știam ce știu azi.

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