Pros and cons of working for a corporation

Before I start I would like to add the fact that my opinion is based on my experience of approximately two and a half years of working at three corporations so far. Also, I have gathered opinions from friends, coworkers and other acquaintances that have helped shaping the following structure.


  1. Stability. However, this depends on a lot of factors. If the employee is not accomplishing his/hers tasks properly that are required for that particular job then that person’s job is at risk because of the inadequate performance and this fact could generate a dismissal. Also, if everything is perfect on the employee’s side then there is a chance that things might not be that sunny for the company. So, if the company goes into bankruptcy then, sadly, you end up without a job. But, and this a big but (not a butt), if we were to eliminate those particular scenarios and we create one where the employees and company are performing very well then we have stability that generates a certain income each month. Generally this satisfies most of the people I know because they know exactly how much they are making and how much they are capable of spending. Therefore, this offers some sort of a security measure for the employee and I consider it a plus.
  2. Loving what you do. There are people and people. This is a common phrase here in Romania and it goes like this “Există oameni și oameni”. By this I am stating that we are very different from each other and while some wouldn’t want to work in a corporation, others would definitely love that. Not everyone in this world wants to be an entrepreneur. Well, I don’t know everyone but I think it is very fair enough for me to assume that. Thus some of us could really find a job in a corporation that would fit perfectly with our purposes and desires in life.
  3. Learning about yourself. Each situation in life reveals something about yourself. For as long as we live we learn. Being in a corporation provides you with interesting life perspectives. You might love it, hate it or maybe be indifferent about it. You learn how to work in a team with a bunch of people, to communicate, to work under pressure, to fulfill the tasks etc. This way you discover things you need to improve in yourself, things you don’t want to keep doing and things that you feel good at. Basically you can determine what qualities and defects you have and what needs to change in your life so that what you are doing is synchronized with your goals.
  4. Career opportunities. There are a lot of corporations out in this world in a lot of areas. So one can choose from a big pool what fish to catch and what skills he/she needs for each particular fish. Because we talking about a corporation then we should consider the chance of evolving on the hierarchy scale which is a big opportunity of growth for the individual that works there. Therefore, promotions are an important aspect of a corporation due to the fact they move the employee on a higher level and it comes with a bigger paycheck. Also, most corporations want to invest in their workers by offering them different kinds of training in specific fields. This obviously helps with gaining more knowledge that could help further in life.
  5. Convenience. Going each day to the same place and performing the regular tasks becomes a routine. You get to feel comfortable at a certain point with what you do because you have been through the process many times. Therefore it is convenient for an individual to stay at a job for many years and not trying something new. Many of my current coworkers are in this company for a long, long time. They have made quite some deep roots here and I can tell that they will continue to be here further.
  6. Networking. Working in a corporation gives you the chance to meet a lot of people with whom you can make certain connections. You can find you future husband/wife, a new friend or maybe a new possible business partner. There are a lot of possibilities that can occur. Also, socializing with others keeps your mind distracted from the daily stress. If you are a very sociable person then you might enjoy all the activities organized by the company or your team.


  1. Lack of freedom. Being someone’s employee means that you have to obey the rules of the employer. You are a subordinate that needs to comply with the orders given by the superiors. The employee can improve certain aspects but this depends on how much the corporation is open to suggestions. On the big picture you are just another number that was assigned to a series of tasks. This generates frustration for the individual due to the lack of control. Of course, some might not care about this and be totally fine with it but there are others that will find it difficult to accept.
  2. Staying in the comfort zone. While others would enjoy staying in the comfort zone and having a regular calendar others will fight it and will want new challenges that will help with their growth. The constant need for trying out new things can be blocked. However, this surely depends on the job and on the employee’s expectations.
  3. Tight schedule. Regardless of how your schedule might be (ex 9 to 5) you need to be present in the required time. Present can have two interpretations: one where you actually need to be physically there and the other one where you work remotely from you home. Both scenarios mean a strict number of hours performed in a specific time span. Therefore, flexibility can be considered an issue.
  4. Anyone is replaceable. I believe no one is safe in a corporation. In the end any task can be fulfilled by another competent individual that is ready to take over. There is a constant flow of people that come and go and this strongly emphasizes the fact that with the right skills anyone can perform the needed tasks.
  5. Stagnation. If you have been for a while at your job and you no longer have new things to learn or your new tasks are not extending your knowledge, then you might feel trapped and suffocated by the usefulness you might sense. This is interfering with your progress and can block you at a stagnation phase which can impact your life in a negative way.
  6. Hating what you do. I know I said as a pro argument the fact the one can love his/hers job at a corporation. However, this comes with a con argument. Just like the yin and yang these statements can be viewed together as a package. Not everyone in this world wants to work in a corporation is as true as not everyone in this world wants to be an entrepreneur. Finding what you really love can take a lot of time and meanwhile you need to survive in a way or another until you discover your passions.

I tried to offer a perspective from both angles in order to scratch the depths of this subject. Once again, this is my personal opinion correlated with what I know from various sources. Things can have so many perspectives and in life we can encounter many situations that are very different from each other. I believe it is important to establish what one wants and if that person is working in that direction.

“Ultimately, I am an employee of a corporation, and that’s weird and does contradict some of the things I believe in. But at the same time, I have to make a living.” – Andy Hurley

Love, D.

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