let me whisper the arcana of life

into your delicate ears tonight

before I will go, before I will dry

trace my steps and don’t ask why

meet me in the abandoned yard

do not be afraid, there is no guard

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Truth will set you free

This is a very common phrase that I believe all of us have heard it many times. But when you’ve heard it did you really understand it? Let me raise my hand first and say that I did not. It took me a long time to realize the depths of this quote and I still…

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Socializing after work

I am going to be honest and admit from the beginning that I am not a very sociable and an outgoing person. Sometimes this becomes a burden because I do feel a lot of pressure from my colleagues at work due to the fact that I don’t go out with them and I don’t get…

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Dear father

I want to write this letter for you here because I wish to express my deepest feelings that I am afraid to show in person. I know we never got along that well and we’ve never had a very close relationship; I know I wasn’t the perfect daughter, nor were you the perfect father. I…

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