Find me

Cornered into this black void, into a space I cannot avoid

Shouting so louder that my voice dried without a choice

Please, find me, look everywhere, look anywhere,

Just don’t close your eyes and come to help me rise

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Fear of letting go

Letting go of people, relationships, memories, things changes you and it certainly changed me. It alters your perception upon that loss. The way you choose to see it will define you. Until now I am fortunate enough to say that I didn’t have to watch a loved one die and it breaks my heart to…

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Why visible spectrum?

Sounds a bit odd at first time, doesn’t it? I know, but honestly I believe this name would be the perfect fit for this blog. First of all I must admit that I do not know much about physics and that my topics won’t be on the scientific side. I have always loved rainbows and…

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