was I meant to be trapped in this sinful course

and hanged by this everlasting remorse?

was this cage built for me or did I built it myself?

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The good side of minimalism

Long time ago I wrote a post about “The dark side of minimalism”¬†and ever since I wanted to write about the good part of it. Today I got inspired to touch this subject again and I am going to point out the most important aspects that have improved in my life. My shopping obsession stopped:…

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Truth will set you free

This is a very common phrase that I believe all of us have heard it many times. But when you’ve heard it did you really understand it? Let me raise my hand first and say that I did not. It took me a long time to realize the depths of this quote and I still…

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The dark side of minimalism

I believe anything can have multiple sides/interpretations if you are willing to be open about it. Therefore I really wanted to share my story. I started this whole minimalism journey about a year ago. I got rid of a ton of stuff. I was happy I could finally let go of things I no longer…

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