You are so special

You, you are,

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The birthday gifts

Since I was a little girl I always loved receiving gifts and this is a pretty normal thing for a child. When my birthdays were getting closer I was becoming very enthusiastic because of the materialistic part of it. So, this went on for a long time frame, until I discovered minimalism. To start my…

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Pros and cons of working for a corporation

Before I start I would like to add the fact that my opinion is based on my experience of approximately two and a half years of working at three corporations so far. Also, I have gathered opinions from friends, coworkers and other acquaintances that have helped shaping the following structure. PROS Stability. However, this depends…

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The perfect moment

Now, as I am just writing this, I can feel it in every bone and pulsating in every cell. This moment is completely perfect. My boyfriend, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, friends and others are ALIVE. I can still hug them; I can still tell them I love them; I can still feel their touch.…

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The truth about Romania

I was born in Romania, an East European country, in 1993 so I didn’t experience the communism period, nor the moment it fall in December 1989. From what I have read and what my grandparents and parents told me it was a horrible time to be in this country during communism. Therefore, I feel pretty…

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Lucid dreams II

Not long ago I wrote about Lucid dreamsย and I shared my experience regarding this subject. Since then I was able to have two more lucid dreams. The first one was very short and I managed to stay lucid for a short period of time. I realized I was in a dream when I was in…

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