Still young

Whenever your touch reaches my heart
I feel young, just like I was in that night
Darling, your voice still reverberates
And every atomic particle it penetrates
Without you, I would only be a lost half

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The waiting room

It happened almost 3 years ago, on the 16th of November 2014 in the morning, when I got a text from my loved one where he said he was feeling ill at work. A coworker called the ambulance and they went to the closest hospital. I was in college back then and as soon as…

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Fear of letting go

Letting go of people, relationships, memories, things changes you and it certainly changed me. It alters your perception upon that loss. The way you choose to see it will define you. Until now I am fortunate enough to say that I didn’t have to watch a loved one die and it breaks my heart to…

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