When I blink
Flashing images
Appear in my head
It feels
As if
I am right there

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After 11 years we’ve met again

She was my childhood friend. We went to the same kindergarten and then we ended up in the same class at school. In the summer of 2006 she left the country. She moved to Spain and we haven’t seen each other since. There was an attempt in 2008 when she came back to visit for…

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Fear of letting go

Letting go of people, relationships, memories, things changes you and it certainly changed me. It alters your perception upon that loss. The way you choose to see it will define you. Until now I am fortunate enough to say that I didn’t have to watch a loved one die and it breaks my heart to…

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What if?

Regrets. I’ve had them. You’ve had them. We’ve all had them. But how can we stop living in a regretful state of mind? How can we learn to accept the past? How? The constant “what if” that is whispering in your ears is not your friend. Many years I’ve believed that contemplating and analyzing every…

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