Dear father

I want to write this letter for you here because I wish to express my deepest feelings that I am afraid to show in person. I know we never got along that well and we’ve never had a very close relationship; I know I wasn’t the perfect daughter, nor were you the perfect father. I…

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Did you stay or did you go?

Was there a moment in your life where you had to make a big decision? Where an opportunity turned up and you had to make a choice that would change everything? What did you do? Did you stay or did you go? I ponder upon this question for some time now and I don’t know…

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After 11 years we’ve met again

She was my childhood friend. We went to the same kindergarten and then we ended up in the same class at school. In the summer of 2006 she left the country. She moved to Spain and we haven’t seen each other since. There was an attempt in 2008 when she came back to visit for…

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Broken wings

I used to fly,Β so high in the sky

I used to see,Β the clouds near me, and I was free

I used to feel,Β the air so real yet so unreal

I used to touch,Β the cold and the warmth

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